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Used by 80,000 Businesses

Archive365 Backup Software is used by over 80,000 Businesses Across a Broad range of Industries!

Data Loss Facts

  • 25% of Small Businesses Never Backup.
  • A Hard Drive Crashes Every 15 Seconds.
  • Digital Data is Growing at a Rate of 80% Per Year.

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Affordable Online Backup, Data Backup and Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup

Online data backup takes away the need for end users to rely on old technologies such as tape and USB Drives. This means there is no capital outlay on the hardware and there is no ongoing maintenance costs incurred.

Archive365 are an cloud data backup specialist based in Manchester. We provide a secure way for companies across the UK to back up company data online in an easy and cost effective way. Online data backup is sometimes referred to as cloud backup. Your company’s data will be secure in our data centres, we use military grade encryption and world class tier4 level data centres for optimal protection. All your information is encrypted locally prior to being sent to the centre for offsite storage. The transmission of the data is via 256bit SSL encryption; this is the same level that is used for online banking.

With no set up fees Archive365's pricing policy saves you time and money. All desktop computers and servers can be included on the same backup plan, at no extra cost, with no hardware to purchase. Just add up the total amount of storage space you require for your data across all desktops and servers, click on the contact tab, send us your requirements and we will call you back. Though we are based in Manchester, we work with businesses across the whole of the UK. Extra storage for any sudden increase in your data can be added on the fly. If you require our help in any way, just drop us a line on 0845 6539 365.

Online Backup Service

Most clients take advantage of the fully managed online backup service we provide, where we monitor your backups daily, and report any issues to you. We provide 24 Hour Support 365 days of the year. If you feel you would like to monitor the online backups yourself then we can set you up as an administrator on your own Archive365 web portal. Be secure and protect your company data in our cloud and UK based cloud backup data centres.

Online Data Backup

Our online data backup is included in all our three purchasing plans and is simple to set up and understand. This provides a full online backup to our servers of your important data. Once the initial backup is complete, scheduled or automatic incremental backups of any changes or additions to your data then occur. We allow 90 day file versioning; this simply means that we keep up to 90 changes of any file you have backed up. With tape or USB that would be a very expensive exercise. Custom configurations on the PC/Server you are backing up can be set, broadband bandwidth usage, backup speeds and even the CPU usage, so no end user experience is compromised.

Restore of Data Online

Because our data centres are online 24/7/365 you can instantly recover your files whenever you wish. This can be done wherever you are and even to another device. This is a simple process and we are even on hand to help you should you need it.

If you’ve got any questions about our cloud backup service, call our office in Manchester today on 0845 6539 365 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.