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Case Studies


Coretalent Recruitment

Coretalent  had been using tapes to backup their servers for over 5 years, but they found the backup software to be unreliable even though it was a market leader. They also thought they were possibly putting themselves at risk using old technology in tape drives. They decided to switch to Archive365's Silver Level Backup  Service, after researching what was available. They have on two occasions had to restore files, and found  this was simple, prompt and painless. Archive 365 tailored their backup solution to also take into account the laptops within their company. Any data held on these is also backed up automatically to the Archive365 Data Centre, whenever the user goes online.

"We now have peace of mind that we have all our critical company data backed up daily to a secure Tier4 data centre  without the possibility of human error or mechanical/sofware failure. We opted for the Silver package because this also includes  a scheduled daily Snapshot Image of our servers   that is saved locally to the Archive365 Vault.

Archive365's managed backup service is without doubt worth investing in, if you value your companies data. Their installation, support and monitoring of our backups is first class."

David Nesbitt    

Managing Director  



Cadmans Opticians

Cadmans had been backing up their Retinal Photography server to several external USB Hard disk drives for many years. They found the process to be time consuming and would rather spend the time concentrating on what they do best, running a very successful opticians.

Their IT Support company approached Archive365 looking for a Solution. We advised on implementing the Gold level backup service which includes a daily online backup of data to our secure data centre, and an Acronis Snapshot of the whole machine saved locally to an Archive365 vault. This is all done automatically and monitored by Archive365, allowing Cadmans to devote their time to their busy practice.


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