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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will it take to back up our data online

It depends on several factors such as, how much data you have, how much of your data changes, upload speed of your broadband.The initial backup of your data can take a day or two. Following this we set up the daily scheduled incremental backup, which only uploads the changes in original data and new files, and this is much quicker.These incremental backups can be every two hours, every day, every week or every month, the choice is yours. In simple terms, incremental backups only backup the changes that have happened since the last backup.

What happens if we buy a new Server/PC/Mac

We will disable the backup from the old machine, and issue you with a new client software and licence for the new machine, at no charge.

Who will install the Backup Software on our equipment

You are welcome to install it yourself if you are proficent. We provide free of charge an installation and setup service by a Qualified Microsoft IT professional. You will be asked to join a remote session and you can watch the software being installed. Your input at this stage is important, as we then decide what folders and files we tell the software to backup. It is all very simple and straightforward. You  are entitled to free post installation support with our product at any time. 

Can our Data be seen by anyone else

Definately NO. We encrypt you data before we send it. It is then sent via SSL  to our data centres. This method is the same method the banks use for online banking. 

What Operating systems does Archive365 software work with

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2011. Mac OSX 10.4 and above. It also works with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL server. 

Can we backup Multiple PC's/Laptops/Servers Online

Yes, we can tailor your companies requirements. You can combine as many machines as you wish, just fill in the contact form, and we will call you to discuss.

What level data centres do you use

Our data centres are T4 which is the highest level you can have, they are ISO 27001 certified. They are safe harbour registered and are SOC1 SSAE Type 16 audited. They are owned by EMC, who are one of the biggest IT companies in the world with a turnover of over $20 billion in 2011. They are subject to strict EU regulations.

How much does it cost

We can only provide you with a costing once you have supplied us with the type of backup you require and the amount of data and machines, please see "Purchasing". If you are unsure just fill in the contact form, and we will call you and help with any queries you have. 

How long is the Contract with Archive 365

The basic contract is a rolling monthly contract and this can be cancelled at any time by emailing us, and giving us 30 days notice. However we find once our clients are happy and confident, they generally sign up for a discounted 24 or 36 Month contract. 

What payments options are available

Once we receive an order, we install the software with yourselves and start the backup process. You will be invoiced monthly and we ask you to complete a direct debit form, so the payment collection will be setup.

What happens if there is a problem with a Backup. 

We monitor all your backups 24/7. If any issues are flagged up by our monitoring software we will contact you and advise of any problems. You have support available 24/7 if you have any issues.



We have posted the most frequently asked questions here, if you have any other queries, please click on the "Email Us" icon on any page or fill in the Contact Form, and we will be happy to asisst you.



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